Dr. Glen Petcavage, DC, Certified Addiction Counselor, Ba. Sc. Human Biology, CAC II Dr. Petcavage’s career in addiction counseling began when he was selected by a Detroit, MI area school administration to be formally trained in a peer intervention program to counsel teens who had begun... Read More
  • Dr. Glen Petcavage is a certified addiction counselor in the State of Colorado.

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5 Ways a Professional Addiction Treatment Can Support Your Recovery

It may not always appear to be the case, but many individuals who are struggling with addiction problems find that their life is largely controlled by their drug use habits. …

Colorado Reports Drastic Increase in Heroin & Opioid Deaths: Why Prevention is Key

In 2016, there were more drug overdose deaths across the country than there were deaths related to automobile accidents. Opioid addiction in general and heroin addiction, in particular, are largely …

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